A set of simple and modular packages for build automation.

Creating a static page generator can be incredibly easy!

Create the following configuration file in the root of your project, install the used dependencies and run the `hoast` command to start a build.

export default {
 options: {
   directory: 'src',
 collections: [{
   source: ['@hoast/source-readfiles', {
     directory: 'pages',
   processes: [
     ['@hoast/process-handlebars', {
       templateDirectory: 'layouts',
       templatePath: 'default.hbs',
     ['@hoast/process-writefiles', {
       directory: '../dst',
Configuration files can have many forms `JSON`, `JavaScript` objects, `Hoast` instances, or use the API directly and call the process function to start building.

Customize to what you need!

First import the core package, and start adding collections. Each collection needs a source plugin as wel as a series of processors to transform the data.